Kenyans react to Miguna’s dramatic second deportation attempt

Lawyer Miguna Miguna. [sde]

Former Presidential Candidate Nazrin Umar supports government’s move to deport fiery lawyer and self-styled NRM ‘general’ Miguna Miguna back to Canada 10 hours after landing at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

In a long hard-hitting Facebook post barely an hour after the order to deport Miguna to Canada via Dubai was issued, Nazlin said his character has no place in Kenya.

She wrote: “Bringing him back after all his abuses, insults and threats would just mean this is a #shithole regime with no honor and no interest to protect the nation from a self-declared war monger.”

“A deported despotic vile, foul mouthed ingrate war monger Miguna Miguna who has threatened war, bloodshed and overthrow of government has no place in Kenya.”

Miguna’s lawyer, Nelson Havi, who has fought for his return expressed shock after his client was hounded into a Dubai-bound Emirates plane en route to Canada.

He tweeted: “Miguna Miguna, a Kenyan citizen by birth, taken out of his country by armed force, in the presence of all his Advocates and worse still, the presence of H E Raila Odinga.”

NASA lawyer and Rarieda MP Otiende Amollo said after the drama witnessed at JKIA with the second deportation of Miguna Miguna, those responsible must answer for their transgression.

“When the dust settles, several police officers, immigration officials;& internal security dept.officials…at the very highest levels, will have to answer personally and individually,” he tweeted.

Miguna who was first deported to Canada on February 6 this year touched down at JKIA at 2:30pm on Monday.

But immigration officials did not allow him to get out of the airport as they were demanding for his Canadian passport which he declined to give out.

This led to a stand-off even as his legal team hoped that all would be sorted out eight hours later.

His return followed High Court’s ruling quashing his deportation and termed it illegal.

The court through Justices Luka Kimaru and Chaha Mwita had on different rulings ordered the state to facilitate Miguna’s return to the country which included returning his Kenyan passport that had been confiscated.

But by the time it was returned, it had been defaced rendering it invalid.

In his second and yet dramatic deportation, Miguna is reportedly said to have refused to get on board Emirates Flight EK 722 to Dubai.

By the time of going to press, Miguna was being held at JKIA police Station.