Keziah wa Kariuki dowry negotiation starts weeks after engagement

Keziah wa Kariuki
Media personality cum gospel artiste Keziah wa Kariuki. [Photo: Courtesy]

When news of gospel singer and media personality Keziah wa Kariuki broke that she was engaged, there was a lot of talks.

Keziah was married to Kameme FM presenter Pastor Benson Kamau alias Muthee Kiengei. However, their marriage ended five years ago.

Over the weekend, Keziah went back to her parents for a traditional ceremony that marks the beginning of dowry payment by her newly-found love.

A fortnight ago, Keziah shared photos of her fiancée and flashed an engagement ring that he slid down her finger.

Many did not expect the lovers to settle down so first.

From her first marriage, she bore Muthee Kiengei a baby girl who they have been raising together.

Kiengei identifies himself as a man of God who prides in having two wives, in reference to Keziah and Ashley Mugure who is his second wife.

Sometime last year, Kiengei and Keziah were the talk of town after showing up at a church in Utawala where he was the guest preacher. He introduced Keziah as his wife, much to the joy of the congregation.

Keziah who also spoke acknowledged that she is the preacher’s wife.

After news of her engagement, Kiengei found himself on the firing line many saying that he is yet to move on despite marrying Ashley Mugure who bore him a son.

In a rejoinder, Kiengei said asked critics why they were condemning him yet Keziah’s husband-to-be is a divorcee.

“My only question is one, I divorced Keziah five years ago and I happily moved on, her new love divorced two years ago and they are now Happily Moving on…why am I the only victim?

“Enjoy your night great people. Pastor Ben is okay. Please use this post for your final comments concerning pastor Ben. Everything allowed,” he posted on his Facebook page.