May 22, 2018

Khalwale rejects Oparanya’s win in Kakamega, allege foul play

Outgoing Kakamega Senator Dr Bonny Khalwale has rejected gubernatorial results showing incumbent Wycliffe Oparanya won the polls.

Oparanya garnered 389, 999 votes against Khalwale’s 134, 999 votes. He was vying on an ODM ticket while Khalwale vied on a Ford-Kenya party ticket.

He disputed the results saying they are not a reflection of the will of the people.

“As Ford-Kenya, we dismiss and reject these results as they do not reflect the will of the people but a generation of the computers,” said the Senator as the Star reports.

He alleged a county executive linked to Oparanya deposited money into the county returning officer Grace Rono’s account.

This, said Khalwale, was to influence a favorable “pronouncement”.

He did not produce any evidence to back his claim.

“We want police to demand for a statement from the bank and establish whether it received money on voting day or not,” added he.

He also accused the poll agency of recruiting clerks who were relatives to Jubilee candidates in the area or were employees of the county government.

Khalwale further purported Oparanya worked with Jubilee to ensure the party wins seats in the county and guarantees him a second term in office.

In response to the accusations by the former Senator, Oparanya through his communication director Dickson Rayori said the claims were unfounded.

“We cannot just respond to every wild remarks by Khalwale,” Oparanya said.

Khalwale has not stated if or not he will move to court to contest the results.