Kid driving prado: Father says he never taught him driving, video games did

Ayub Kinyanjui
Ayub Kinyanjui. [Photo: Courtesy]

Ayub Kinyanjui, the father of seven-year-old Muigian Ayub who caused a stir by driving a Toyota Prado TX says he never taught his son how to drive.

He notes that Muigai has learned on his own how to drive by playing video games which fascinate him a lot.

“The boy loves playing Grand Theft Auto (GTA) and Need For Speed (NFS) on the screen. He spends most of his free time playing the games, and he loves winning,” Ayub told K24 in an interview.

In a rejoinder to criticism by Kenyans on letting his son drive at a tender age, he said that it was hypocritical of them to troll him yet they have young children who drive.

“I think what he did is not any different from what others do. We usually see children riding bikes that belong to their parents,” he said.

Kinyanjui has since decided to let his son learn more about safari rally given his interest saying “I’m sure he can make a good driver if well trained by experts.”

When he was presented in court on Tuesday and charged with allowing a person who has no driving license to drive his car, he said he was not aware.

He told the court that he walked into a supermarket in Delview, Murang’a when the son showcased his prowess in driving.

He was fined Ksh20,000 or a three-year jail term for the offence.