Kidnappers of Eastleigh businesswoman stole Ksh650k from her, opened bar in Kinangop

Hafsa Abdi with her boyfriend Jackson Njogu. [Photo: DCI]

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation on Sunday arrested two suspects linked to the kidnapping of Eastleigh-based businesswoman Hafsa Mohamed Lukman.

Incidentally, it turned out that Hafsa Abdi, a neighbour orchestrated the kidnapping with the intent to extort money from the young businesswoman.

Hafsa Abdi, 21 was arrested alongside another suspect Jackson Njogu in their Kinangop hideout.

Lukman says that Hafsa Abdi tricked her into the kidnapping trap by taking her to Kayole. She also ordered her torture.

Before the thugs fled to Kinangop, they managed to withdraw Ksh600,000 from her Lukman’s account.

In a bid to conceal the theft, they used the money to purchase a pub which they had been running.

Hafsa and Njogu are criminal lovers who extorted Lukman. Although the victim and the mastermind were not close, they had discussed some business prospects.

“The two lovers who masterminded the kidnapping of Hafsa from her shop managed to siphon a total of Sh650,000 from the victim’s bank accounts while she was in captivity. They then escaped to Kinangop and purchased a bar, which they were operating,” DCI said in a statement.

Police rescued Lukman days after her kidnapping. Her captors were demanding Ksh5 million ransom and tortured her. She was squeezed into a water tank and abandoned at a dingy house in Kayole’s Matopeni area.