‘Kijana yako amekuwa mkora’ villagers rumourmongered DJ Joe Mflame before he built mum beautiful house

DJ Joe Mfalme House
DJ Joe Mfalme parents' house in Meru. [Photo: Courtesy]

Joseph Mwenda trades off with his super brand name DJ Joe Mfalme. This is who he is known as.

DJ Mfalme recently found himself in the negative limelight and lost his job at Homeboyz Radio where he had worked for a few months after leaving Capital FM where after a 12-year stint.

He recently revived his childhood and the success he has achieved in life courtesy of his deejaying career.

At the age of 13, he developed a liking for entertainment specifically in deejaying. He looked up to DJ Pinye who was the king of turntables at the time.

Years after he listened to other international DJs and decided to venture into the industry with a unique signature that he is known for while on the decks.

The 34-year-old was lucky to join the Pilsner Mfalme Dj Competition 2008, where he would eventually come second. Capital FM where he worked for 12 years saw his talent and tapped it.

DJ Mfalme says he’s proud of his entertainment career because it wiped away the shame his family had.

In their Meru village, DJ Mfalme’s homestead was used as an example of poverty and this is what pushed him to working hard and changing the status of their family.

It has not been an easy ride and his family back home was ridiculed when he got into deejaying but that never stopped him from making a living. He was branded a thug after becoming a DJ.

He recently shared photos of a beautiful house he built his parents back home from the proceeds of his deejaying career.

“When I choose to become a DJ I’ll never forget how some people laughed at us in shaggz and some discouraging me and telling my parents “kijana yako sasa amekua mkora. Fast forward 12 years later, land was bought and Mom’s house has been completed thanks to this Hustle. Hii dunia usitharau kazi ya mtu, he advised.

He added “One lesson I have learnt, in anything that you do, if you put your best foot forward and you become disciplined, you MUST SUCCEED. GOD’S GRACE WILL ALWAYS BE SUFFICIENT.”