Kilimani police arrest Chinese national in possession of 201 bullets, four firearms

Bullets Chinese national Kilimani
Bullets. [Photo: Grist]

Dang Pengfei, a Chinese national in Kenya has been rearrested by detectives from Kilimani Police Station for being in possession of four firearms and 201 bullets.

Pengfei was on Friday last week arrested in Kanyonyo along Mwingi-Garissa Highway for being in possession of ammunition.

ON Tuesday, Kilimani detectives pitched camp at his Kaputei Garden in Kileleshwa suburbs and recovered three more firearms.

The weapons recovered were an M4 assault rifle, CZ 75 pistol, Taurus revolver and Taurus pistol. The Chinese had also hidden bullets in bedroom drawers and wardrobe.

According to Kenyan law, it is illegal for a foreigner to have a firearm unless they obtain a firearms permit which is often difficult.

The Kenya Firearms Act lays out the regulations for the import, possession, and use of guns in the country.

While in Kenya, possession of firearms is illegal without a firearms certificate. This can be very difficult to obtain for individuals outside the police and military, although it may be granted if the applicant can prove that a gun is necessary for their job or another activity.

Firearms must not be carried in public and should not be discharged except in strictly authorized situations under Kenya’s local laws and regulations.

Being in possession of ammunition yet one is not a licensed firearms holder attracts a jail term of not less than seven years.