Kirinyaga electorate reacts to video showing deputy Governor in an indecent act

Kirinyaga County electorate has reacted to an incident where their Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri was filmed naked while in the company of an unknown woman at a lodging in Kakamega.

Those who filmed the DG are unknown. The men are reportedly said to have stormed a room where Ndambiri and the woman were making out at the sidelines of the 5th Devolution Conference.

In the video that has since been pulled down, one of the men is heard backing at the D.G forcing him to identify himself. He says his name is “Ndambiri Njagi, a businessman.”

This irks the men in the room who come hard on the D.G with slaps ultimately forcing him to admit he is the Deputy Governor of Kirinyaga.

Ndambiri defends himself saying he was not aware the woman he was making out with is a married woman. He adds that their affair is a serious one because he had intended to visit her parents for dowry negotiations.

“I did not know she is married. I was even planning to meet her family,” he says in Kikuyu dialect.

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Surprisingly though, a section of Kirinyaga electorate defended Ndambiri saying what happened was nothing out of the ordinary.

Some people said what happened was a clear set up.

“Though I am not in support of what happened in Kakamega, the goons who terrorized the DG should be apprehended and charged in a court of law…the same woman was in a different set up scam, that is her known occupation,” a Mwangi said.

He added the whole saga was a smear campaign which is demeaning to the governor’s family.

“I say pole to the Gov, DEG, family and friends for shame the whole saga has smeared on their faces.”

Francis Munene noted: “We are all polygamous. I stand with my DG.”

Gachuki Wamagari stated: “Invading others privacy and exposing them on social media is not only absolute barbaric but also violation of once (sic) right.

It’s unfortunate that we are living under very weird times.”

Through the official twitter handle, the Kenya Police Service said it is yet to get a report but investigations are underway to arrest the person who shot the video.

“Police have not received any report concerning an alleged assault of the Deputy Governor of Kirinyaga in Kakamega. Equally, the police spokesperson has not issued any statement concerning the same,” read the tweet.