Kitui man who survived red cobra bite in Mwingi speaks

Kitui county government driver who survived a cobra bite. [Photo: Courtesy]

David Musyoka is happy to be alive after a deadly red cobra bite in Mwingi on Wednesday.

Musyoka, a Kitui County Government driver was going about his normal business when a snake struggling under an eagle’s talons dropped in his car.

He was driving to Mwingi when the incident happened.

Musyoka explained that the snake – a red cobra – slithered to his compartment as the windows were all down and bit his left arm.

“The snake came from above. It had been lifted by an eagle and it fell on the car’s roof. Suddenly, Is slowed down to check what fell on the roof and I bumped into the snake through the window. It got in on the passenger’s seat,” he recalled.

He quickly jumped out of the vehicle with the snake still hanging in his hand and called for help.

Residents from Kwa Mbungu Market quickly rushed to the scene and killed the snake, gave him first aid and rushed him to hospitals.

What surprised the whole country was that the eagle emerged again, picked the dead snake and flew away with it.

“All of a sudden, before people decided if they will burn the snake, the same eagle came in very fast, picked the snake and flew up with it,” he narrated adding this is his most scary encounter in life.

Musyoka is at the Mwingi Level IV Hospital where he is currently receiving treatment. Doctors say that he is in stable condition.