March 20, 2019

Koigi Wamwere: 10 reasons why I won’t vote for Ruto in 2022

Veteran politician Koigi Wamwere. [courtesy]

Veteran politician Koigi Wamwere is once again courting controversy after a fiery outburst stating he will not vote for Deputy President William Ruto in 2022.

Wamwere said though he is a Kikuyu and is expected to automatically vote for Ruto, he will not vote for him.

“Though I’m Kikuyu, I won’t vote to give Ruto 20 years In Power,” he wrote on his Facebook page on Saturday.

He said he will deny the DP the vote based on 10-point reasons. “I will only deny Ruto a vote because he is not fit to be president of Kenya for the following ten reasons.”

His first reason was that Kenya’s next President must be a person who can end corruption but, he said, “from his history, William Ruto is not a leader of integrity and cannot be relied upon to develop Kenya by eradicating corruption.”

The veteran politician said that the DP is not a patriot or a nationalist-which should be the driving force for him to acquire the top most seat in the country. But, Wamwere remarked, that the DP’s drive for Presidency is driven by the quest to amass power and wealth.

Wamwere who vied for Nakuru Senator last year  on an ODM ticket said Ruto is not a believer in democracy. “He does not believe in democracy. Instead he believes in dictatorship.”

He also said that he does not subscribe to the line of thought that Kikuyus owe a debt to Ruto which is to be settled in 2022 and that he has seen no transformation of the country under Ruto’s tenure as the Vice President.

“Right now when I look around, I see no transformation for which I can vote for Ruto.”

“For Kenyans to give William Ruto not just 10 years of vice-presidency but another 10 years of presidency, he and Uhuru need to have done so wonderfully that Kenya would have achieved half of Singapore’s development which we can expect him to complete if we give him 10 years of presidency. As it is, it would be suicidal and crazy if Kenyans were to give Ruto 20 years of power, almost same time Moi lasted in power,” he quipped.

He also said that Ruto’s “hustler” slogan which moves masses no longer applies because he has joined the millionaire’s club.

Wamwere said the fact that the DP has started early campaigns for 2022 using government projects; it is enough to dissuade any Kenyan from voting him in as the President come 2022.

Even as the 2022 debacle continues, the DP yesterday said that his only focus is on delivering for the next four years.

He said he will not engage in 2022 politics and “is in no political contest with anyone.”



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