KOT roasts Murkomen over Panafric Hotel pandemonium with NASA MPs

Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen and Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung'wa []

Leader of Majority in the Senate and Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen is at pains explaining to Kenyans why he does not engage in fist fights but fights with his brain.

This follows a near brawl between him and NASA MPs on live TV at Panafric Hotel on Thursday.

Murkomen cracked a dry joke about buying tea for a section of NASA MPs while he was addressing the press about Thursday’s repeat Presidential elections.

But this joke did not sit very well with some NASA MPs led by Mathare MP Antony Aluoch who charged towards him aggressively during the televised brief.

And on Thursday night, Murkomen tweeted: “As a Christian, a patriot and a democrat, I don’t engage in fist fights. I fight with my brains after which tea can be served.”

Of many firsts, musician Suzanne Owiyo castigated the senator over the incident.

In a tweet, she told Murkomen: “I have a lot of respect for Hon [Nairobi Senator Johnson] Sakaja but Murkomen! Such a disappointment. Lying on national TV…very low of him.”

This tweet again, rubbed Murkomen the wrong way and he replied to Owiyo: “I have a lot of respect for you, madam. I love your music and I want to engage with you on matters music only. Thank you.”

Owiyo did not take this comment lightly. Once again, she fired back at the Senator: “I appreciate you for being a fan. However, my music does not limit me to not talk on matters politics.”

Kenyans on Twitter did not spare the Senator either as they gave him a piece of their mind.

Fred Mundia said: “I’ve never seen you using your brains before. People of the same profession as yours use their brains in the courtroom. Wewe bado unang’ang’ana na sisi kwa social media (You are still struggling with us on social media.”

David Were said: “It’s only a fool who keeps appearing on media for all the wrong reasons. And soon Murkomen will join the likes of [Gatundu South MP Moses] Kuria and [Embakasi East MP] Babu [Owino].”

Collins Denmark noted: “Senator, you must admit that your statement was out of order. You don’t gate-crash other people’s presser then insult their leader and ridicule them.”