KQ managers to take 75% pay cut, workers sent on unpaid leave as tough times knock

Kenya Airways Boeing Plane. [Photo Courtesy]

A section of Kenya Airways management team has been sent on unpaid leave while another team has been forced to take a 75 percent pay cut starting April 1.

KQ CEO Allan Kilavuka said that the decision was arrived at after factoring in declining revenue occasioned by the coronavirus outbreak.

“We are facing challenging times and I would like to reiterate that we are in this together. I assure you that you are at the centre of every decision affecting our airline,” CEO Allan Kilavuka said.

He added: “All employees who will not be required at work will take their annual leave with immediate effect.” However, he noted that there would be no layoffs.

“We have been evaluating how these events will affect you and have made every effort to conserve jobs across the business. We are therefore not taking any decision on layoffs. “

The airline has since suspended flights to some countries where coronavirus infections are high. This, the airlines say, is geared towards ensuring that Kenya remains cushioned from further infections.

Kenya has seven cases. All the patients are reportedly in stable condition and recovering well. Globally, COVID-19 has killed more than 9,000 people.

Further, employees at grade H06 will go for a four-week leave, out of which one week will be paid while three weeks will be unpaid leave effective April 2020.

Those at grade H05 and below will have a two-week paid leave and two-week unpaid leave.

Nonetheless, the airline assured that in future, when things look up, the dues will be compensated.

“These measures will be reviewed on a monthly basis and your respective Head of Department will provide you with further details,” he added.