KWITU Breaks the Glass Ceiling, Launches a Women Magazine in Their 2018 Annual Gala

Mary, Lilly, and Jean of KWITU Inc.
By Thuothuo Anthony-Boston MA

The annual KWITU Grand Reunion took place this past weekend in Atlanta, Georgia. The Kenyan Women in The USA (KWITU) is presumed to be the largest platform of Kenyans living in the diaspora with over 12,000 members across the US and Canada.

Part of KWITU’s mission is to connect, support and empower Kenyan Women Living in the USA.

The organization’s theme this year was “Unity and Integrity Among the Kenyans Living in the Diaspora.”

This was by far one of KWITU’s biggest and most successful reunions, having been graced by high profile guests including the Kenyan ambassador to the USA, His Exc. Robinson Githae.

Also present was Shamea Morton also known as Mumbi Mwangi, of the Real Housewives of Atlanta and wife to Gerald Mwangi.

Addressing hundreds of guests at the event, the ambassador praised the organization saying he sees great potential in its efforts.

The soon to be published Diaspora Kenyan Women Magazine by KWITU.

Githae also urged Kenyans to embrace health, life and disability insurance as a way of securing their wealth and investments in times of tragedies.

”Sometimes something happens in your life and it becomes a tragedy, and it should not. You fall sick for one month and end up losing your house, car or other properties, all because you were not prepared.” Said the ambassador.

”When death occurs in an American family, it actually creates wealth.” He added emphasizing on the need for life insurance for Kenyans living abroad.

The ambassador also urged Kenyans to learn the habit of keeping time in their events, saying ”one cannot even attend two events in a day” because most events start about four to five hours late.

KWITU has achieved many milestones in the Kenyan community in the USA, including supporting fellow women in times of emergency financial needs as well as community outreach.

KWITU Vice President Mary Kimari’s peace award

This year, the organization addressed matters related to single parenthood, drug addiction, mental illness & suicide, domestic violence, access to education and women in business, focusing on Kenyans in the USA.

The organization’s latest achievement announced at the gala is their newly launched Diaspora Kenyan Women Magazine which will highlight stories of Kenyan women in the diaspora. The premier edition is set to be released in January 2019.

His Excellency ambassador, together with the organization’s president Ms. Lilly Okech Richards, presented KWITU peace awards to several members including the organization’s vice president, Mary Kimari.

”Honored, Blessed, Humbled! Thanks, His Excellency Robinson Githae our Kenya Ambassador to the USA for this peace award. Thanks, KWITU for allowing me to serve as your Vice President. You girls give me LIFE” posted Mary Kimari on her Facebook.

KWITU started as a typical Facebook group before soaring above the barriers, becoming one of the most prolific diaspora organizations. The organization’s success has recently inspired the formation of Kenyan Men Empowerment Network (KEMEN). A platform where men empower each other by addressing issues that affect them.

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