Late John Michuki’s youngest daughter sued over Ksh184 million bill

Yvonne Wanja Michuki
Yvonne Wanja Michuki. [Photo: Standard]

The late John Michuki’s daughter Yvonne Wanja Michuki is in a debt battle with lawyers seeking Ksh184 million payment.

According to court documents, Wanja sought the services of lawyers Agimba and Associates Advocates, on September 19, 2018, over the tussle in her father’s estate.

She was billed Ksh32,000 per hour and the first session accrued Ksh128,000 for four hours.

Nation reports that Wanja owed the law firm Ksh166 million in legal fees and Ksh17 million was owed to Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) in taxes.

Wanja sought legal services in the fight for her father’s multi-billion estate that was in contest between his six children.

In 1988, Michuki established the luxurious Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club, a Victorian-style recreation facility that covered over 200 acres in Nairobi’s upmarket Ridgeways Estate.

His wealth was managed by his wife following his death in February 2012 before her death six months later. The couple’s death set the stage for an ugly court battle between their six children over the management of the family’s billions.

Wanja files a case in court in May 2019 seeking revocation of documents that permitted her elder siblings Anne Wanjiru Mutahi and Fredrick Chege to manage the estate.

Wanja accused Wanjiru and Chege of mismanaging their family wealth and channeling some of the money to their personal use.

A chartered financial analyst by profession, Wanja claims her siblings have not disclosed their mother’s June 7, 2012, last wish which makes full disclosure of the assets.

Wanja stated that her elder siblings did not annex copies of titles, share certificates, details of directors, and vehicle ownership on the document.

She further stated that two companies with a similar name, Mika Holdings Limited were incorporated, apparently to cash in on the family’s Windsor Park Phase 1 houses, whose proceeds have never been accounted for, and which in her estimation amount to not less than Ksh1.6billion.

The youngest of the late Cabinet Minister’s daughters, she purported that her siblings had not declared income flow from the sale of the Windsor Park houses or the collections of monthly service dues from homeowners therein, amounting to Ksh60,000 per house, each month.