Lawrence Warunge fit to stand trial, mental assessment reports

Lawrence Warunge. [Photo: YouTube]

Lawrence Warunge, a murder suspect linked to the murder of four family members has been declared fit to stand trial.

The court had ordered that Warunge undergoes mental assessment before standing trial over the murder of his father, mother, brother, nephew and mason.

Mental assessment conducted on him stated that he is of sound mind and can stand trial.

Warunge, 22, together with his girlfriend will stand murder trial as his family is laid to rest at their Karura home in Kiambaa, Kiambu County.

Warunge in his confession said that he was inspired by British crime thriller, “Killing Eve” to commit the heinous murder.

He told detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) that his family had been talking ill of him.

His four family members were buried on Saturday at their Karura home.

An autopsy report by Chief Government Pathologist Dr Johansen Oduor on the murder of a US-based nurse, Nicholas Njoroge and his family has revealed shocking details.

According to the report released on Monday, the injuries inflicted on Njoroge by his son, Warunge were brutal.

Dr Oduor said that Njoroge and his son had serious injuries compared to the other victims.

The autopsy report stated that the victims had multiple stab wounds which caused their death.

He stated that the pattern of the stabs suggests that one person may have been the villain.

The five victims also had head injuries from blunt force trauma.

“They were mainly stab wounds on the chest. Some of them had slash wounds on the neck,” he said.

He added that stabs on the neck cut blood vessels which caused death.

Dr Oduor hypothesized that the murder weapon was the same for all the five victims.

However, he said that it is possible the attacker was more than one but used a similar weapon for the attack.

“The injuries looked pretty similar and measured almost the same. The measurements of the stab wounds varied between three to four centimetres,” the pathologist added.