Lawrence Warunge is not fit to stand trial, court rules as girlfriend is freed

Lawrence Warunge. [Photo: YouTube]

Lawrence Warunge, a 22-year-old university student who murdered four of his family members early January is not fit to stand trial.

On Tuesday, the court said that a mental assessment test on the suspect showed he was not of sound mind.

This is a departure from an earlier report that declared Warunge of sound mind and fit to stand a murder trial.

Following this new development, Warunge’s girlfriend Sarah Muthoni who had been arrested was freed by Kiambu Chief Magistrate Patricia Gichuhi but will be a state witness for the Prosecution team.

Warunge brutally killed his mother Ann Warunge, father Nicholas Warunge, brother and nephew. He also killed a mason, James Kinyanjui who was working at their Karura home in Kiambaa, Kiambu County.

Warunge was expected in court on Monday but did not show up. Police told the court that he had been taken for mental assessment.

Warunge had been detained at Gigiri Police Station for the last 14 days while Muthoni was booked at Muthaiga Police Station.

In his confession to DCI detectives who were grilling him, he said that he murdered his family because they all talked ill of him.

He said that his parents showed him no “affection” as they did with his other siblings.

Warunge also told the police that he was inspired by British crime thriller series “Killing Eve” into committing the murder.

He started with killing Kinyanjui then turned to his mother who was in the kitchen followed by his 12-year-old brother and then went for his father who tried to free by jumping of the balcony.

Incidentally, he got hold of him and stabbed him multiple times and slit his throat.

An autopsy report released by Chief Government Pathologist Dr Johansen Oduor indicated that the level of injury for Warunge’s father was severe compared to the others.

He ended the visceral act by killing his adopted brother who was 13. The helpless boy went on his knees and pleaded that his life is spared but Warunge consumed by rage, drove a nine-inch knife into the boy’s body.

The suspect told the police that he used a metal bar which he hit all victims on the head with to make sure they are dead.

Warunge was detained for another 30 days waiting court determination on what happens next.