Limuru tea pickers nearly kill man who raped student who requested a lift

Peter Njoroge
Angry tea pickers in Limuru beat a suspect molester. [Photo: Thika 3t]

It was yet another early morning for Tracy (not her real name) to get to school.

Usually, Tracy who hails from the interiors of Limuru asks willing motorists for a lift to get to her school, Manguo Secondary School.

Sometimes, she is lucky, other times, she isn’t so lucky.

On Tuesday though, she was with her neighbour and as usual, they saw a saloon car approaching and they requested a lift. The driver, Peter Njoroge was kind enough.

Her neighbour alighted first and Tracy was left all alone with Njoroge in the vehicle. When they neared her school, Njoroge is said to have taken another route and took off with Tracy on board.

It is here that he allegedly raped her and when he was done, he bundled the 18-year-old schoolgirl into his car and showed her a syringe.

He bluntly told her that it was what would end her life before dumping her body.

On their way, Tracy rolled down the window along Eden Tea plantation and shouted for help but none of the tea pickers heard her.

A few metres down the road, Tracy got hold of the steering wheel and swerved it. The car crashed and tea pickers from a nearby tea plantation who were nearby rushed to the scene.

It is then that she narrated her ordeal in Njoroge’s hands and the irate crowd descended on the suspect with kicks and blows.

“The people were angry and they beat him to a pulp. He was lucky that police from Tigoni Police Station arrived shortly after,” Nominated Kiambu MCA Mercy Nungari said.

He was taken in and locked up at Tigoni Police station awaiting to be charged with rape.

“I have charged the suspect with rape because the girl is 18 years,” Tigoni sub-county police commander Aileen Mola told the press.

She said that the suspect could not be charged with defilement which carries stiffer penalties because the girl is already 18. If she wasn’t 18, the suspect would be charged with defilement.

In a search on the vehicle, police found fake currency.