London Court rules Gilbert Deya, famed for ”miracle babies” to be extradited to Kenya

UK based self-proclaimed Kenyan ‘miracle worker’, Gilbert Deya, is set to return to his motherland and stand trial for stealing 5 children, reports the Star.

His extradition comes after decade long battle between UK courts after his involvement in baby smuggling from Pumwani Maternity in Kenya where he worked as a security guard.

The ‘Archbishop of Peckham’ to Kenya has capitalized on human right laws to secure his stay in the British country long after allegedly stealing five children, in 2006 when he was first arrested over the matter.

He has fought his extradition to Kenya with a lot of wit.

At one point, he said that his extradition to Kenyan prisons would be signing a death warrant. He decried harassment in Kenyan prisons and a litany of other shortcomings which prolonged his stay in the U.K.

However, the High Court of London on Friday ruled that he be extradited. One of the Judges hearing the case termed it “scandalous.”

“It is little short of scandalous that the proceedings have taken until now to resolve,” lamented Judge Sir Kenneth Parker who read the ruling together with Lord Justice Gross.

The Judge noted that the case has taken too long to be concluded and called upon the Secretary of State for the Home Department (SSHD) to get a firm grip on such cases and pledged the assistance of the court.

“The delay in this matter is truly alarming. The claimant was initially arrested in December 2006. It is essential that cases such as this are firmly “gripped” by the SSHD to guard against incremental and massive slippage of this nature.

The Court will be more than willing to play its part.”

Deya’s myriad excuses not to be extradited prompted UK Prime Minister Theresa May, then Home Secretary to send former chief inspector of prisons, Lord Ramsbotham to Kenya in 2013 to ascertain the conditions of Kamiti Maximum Prison.

To Deya’s shock, Lord Ramsbotham returned to Kenya citing he found nothing wrong with the maximum correctional facility where Deya would be held in remand.

“The atmosphere in this compound was very relaxed, and, amongst others, I spoke with an elderly American bishop, who had been imprisoned there for a year and was still awaiting trial.”

“He told me that he had no complaints, was able to see his lawyer, received visits from the American embassy, and felt safe and secure.”

He added that he sees no reason why Deya could not be extradited immediately to stand trial in his mother country.

“I can see no reason why Mr Deya should not be extradited, as soon as possible, to stand trial.”

In the last 10 years, his extradition case has been overseen by 5 Home Secretaries namely: Theresa May, Labour’s John Reid, Jacqui Smith, Alan Johnson and Amber Rudd.

The embattled Deya runs the Gilbert Deya Ministries. It has a British membership of 36,000.

Of his “miracle works”, he claims he can give infertile couples miracle babies.

He also claims that ‘God’ gave him the know how to produce olive oil with magical powers which include healing cancer and HIV.

A bottle goes for £1.99.