Lover from hell! Jacquline Karimi’s face slashed by jilted lover of 8 years

Jacqueline Karimi
Jacqueline Karimi. [Photo: Hummingbird]

Jacqueline Karimi is the latest victim of gender-based violence (GBV) from a man who she once loved but has turned to an oppressor.

For eight years, Karimi lived with Stanley Owino but this man is behind her latest scars on her face.

Karimi in 2020 walked away from her relationship with Owino and decided to live her alone. She could no longer contain Owino’s philandering ways that saw him sire a baby outside their marriage.

But this would be the beginning of her trouble. Owino turned into a jilted lover and started spying on his wife of eight years and stabbed her in November 2020. He left her fighting for her life in the hospital.

She says the perpetrator was never arrested. Two months later – on January 5, 2021 – Owino followed her to her house where he stabbed her once more on the back.

The suspect fled and was never arrested for a second time.

Karimi decided to move out of this place to stay safe but Owino still followed her.

On Wednesday, her story was shared on Hummingbird Facebook group after Owino attacked her with a machete leaving her with a scarred face.

“Yesterday Jacky who lives on fifth floor went to buy soda at the shop, she didn’t lock her door, however in returning, she was filled with trepidation, and as she used to she checked everywhere, the last place was her bedroom, where Stanley was waiting to ambush her with a Masai sword which he used to slash her face as well as her body.

“We found out that Stanley had been tracking Jacky and had moved to the flat   here she was staying and had been monitoring her movements, the police are currently in the house.”

Owino is currently in police custody as detectives complete investigations into the incident.