Lovy Longomba talks about his Ksh872 million Los Angeles church

Prophet Lovy of the Longombas. [Photo: Courtesy]

For the last 16 years, Prophet Lovy of the Longombas left Kenya in what he describes as God’s plan.

Together with his late brother Christian Longomba, they left for the US where they started a new life and Lovy transitioned to a man of collar while in the States.

At the time, Lovy told Jalango on ‘Bonga na Jalas’ on Wednesday that they were at the pinnacle of their music career but did not get what they wanted and that informed their decision to go global.

“Our goal was always we are going to leave; we are going to go do this somewhere else so that we can highlight where we are from so more things can open,” he said.

Their last song with Christian was “Queen” which he says was a big song in Kenya and beyond.

In the US, he shifted to music production and produced good music for the likes of Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo, Chris Brown which earned him a Grammy nomination three times.

Lovy noted that he took to production when Christian first fell ill – he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour which kept him out of the music scene for years.

He underwent his first surgery to remove a tumour and he was declared well off but it recurred with blood clots in his brain.

He was died in early March and was buried in the US.

Surprisingly, Lovy confessed that they were always saved even when they released “Dondosa” a major hit in early 2000s.

“Si tulikuwa tumeokoka kutoka zamani people just didn’t know that,” he said adding that his phase in secular music led to his other chapter in life which is ministry.

Lovy lives in Calabasas, Los Angeles, US where he runs a community church. He lives in the same neighbourhood with internationally acclaimed artists such as Chris Brown, Kanye West and Akon.

Five months ago, he said, he bought church property in Los Angeles for $8 million (KSh872 million).

Lovy remarked that he has made his wealth through other businesses such as real estate and educational staff.

On thing though, he does a lot of charity which is one of the pillars for his community church.

Lovy is a believer in giving back to the society through charity and he hopes to replicate it back home.

“Life is about giving back. It doesn’t make sense if you sleep with a blanket yet someone outside is sleeping with none. That’s not the gospel; that’s witchcraft because God has provided on the table for you and in your neighbourhood someone is begging for food. It’s bad.”