Lupita produces ‘Super Sema’, Africa’s first animated kids series

Super Sema, the first animated kids series in Africa produced by Lupita Nyong'o. [Photo: Courtesy]

Celebrated Hollywood actress Lupita Nyong’o is set to premiere the “Super Sema” series on YouTube Monday, March 8.

Super Sema is an original film and is the first animated superhero series in the African continent.

Lupita is the superhero’s executive producer but partnered with Kukua, a tech startup whom she will launch the series.

Super Sema features a young, determined African girl who is on a mission to make positive change in the world through technology, science, creativity and determination.

“This is Sema, an extraordinary African girl on a mission to change the world with the power of Determination, Creativity, Science and Technology! You’ll meet her on the new @YouTube series #SuperSema that I’m producing with @TeamKukua,” she said.

Kukua in an official statement said that they are excited having produced the series alongside the Oscar Award winner.

“We’re super excited to announce that the extraordinary Lupita Nyong’o joined us to produce ‘Super Sema’! Our new YouTube Originals series is Africa’s first kid superhero animated series,” part of Kukua’s statement read.

The intent behind Super Sema is nurturing and proving to kids of the 21st that they can change the world only of their skills are empowered and dreams worked on.

Kukua acknowledged that the main character in the series has great life lessons.

“Lupita embodies all that Super Sema represents, so it really is a dream come true for us to have her on our team.”

Lupita will voice the official trailer of the series and will also do the same as a special guest character.

Super Sema comes a fortnight after Lupita announced that her kid’s book ‘Sulwe’ will be animated into a Netflix Movie.

‘Sulwe’ is about an African girl who learns the hard way how to appreciate her skin colour. She wrote the book based on her life experiences abroad as a person of colour.