Maintain peace, retired President Moi tell Kenyans

Retired President Moi []

Retired President Daniel Moi has asked Kenyans to maintain peace during this polling season.

He spoke after casting his vote at Kabarak University, Rongai constituency in Nakuru.

He reiterated peace is paramount for any democracy to grow.

“I urge Kenyans to be peaceful in order to prosper as a country. Peace is paramount for any development to take place,” said Moi according to the Star.

He is among other national leaders who have called on Kenyans to maintain peace during and after the polls.

President Uhuru Kenyatta in a state of the nation address on Wednesday rallied Kenyans to remain peaceful.

“Please go home after you cast your vote. Go back to your neighbour since he or she is your brother and sister,” said the President.

Opposition Leader Raila Odinga who withdrew from the polls had earlier asked his supporters to remain calm and not champion peac

Last week on Friday, he told Bondo residents that every Kenyan had a right to live anywhere in Kenya and as such, Kikuyu’s and Kalenjins living in Luo land should be allowed to conduct their businesses peacefully.