Man of Kenyan origin charged after attacking landlord with an axe in Brooklyn Park Minnesota


A man originally from Kenya living in Brooklyn Park Minnesota is facing second degree attempted murder and second-degree assault after he was allegedly accused of critically beating his landlord on Tuesday.

Mr. Omwando Nyamboga, 45, is reported by Fox9 to have allegedly hit his landlord in the head with an axe when she went to collect the rent. Nyamboga opened the door and attacked her, chasing her out of the home. He then struck her several times before going back to the house saying he ”killed the lady”.

The landlord had started processing Nyamboga’s eviction as he was behind on his payments.

Samuel Nyaboga

According to the police, the woman sustained serious head injuries including a depressed skull, multiple scalp and face lacerations and blood pooling in the brain. She is said to be in critical condition, facing permanent brain damage or even death.

Nyamboga was arrested at the scene.