Man,28, gunned down in Kilimani in gold deal gone sour

kevin Omwenga
Kevin Omwenga. [Photo courtesy]

Police in Kilimani are investigating an incident where a 28-year-old businessman Kevin Omwenga was murdered in his house on Friday night.

Omwenga, reports indicate, was suspected in dealing in fake gold.

He was shot in the chest by Robert Bodo Ouko in his bedroom at an apartment in Kilimani along Galana Road where they had had argument.

Police report indicate that at the time of the incident, there were three other people in the house.

“They were apparently arguing over money accrued from a deal they struck back in March,” a witness said.

Omwenga’s brother said he was in the kitchen preparing supper when he heard a loud shot from the bedroom.

On his way, he met Ouko who was hurriedly getting out of the house. It is when he entered the bedroom that he found him bleeding from the chest.

They quickly rushed him to Nairobi Women’s Hospital – Ouko included – where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Ouko later proceeded to Kilimani Police Station to report the incident and was thereafter arrested.

Omwenga’s business associate Chris Obure as also arrested in connection to the murder.

Ouko took police to an office block along Galana Road where he had hidden the mini-Ceska pistol which he used to murder Omwenga.

Thirteen rounds of ammunition were also recovered. At the scene of crime, a catridge and empty shell were recovered.

It is not yet known when triggered the argument but preliminary reports indicate that they disagreed over a business deal transacted in March.

Unconfirmed reports also indicate the deceased may have been involved in fake gold deals.