Mara Heist whistleblower Spencer Sankale sacked by Maasai Mara University Council

Spencer Sankale whistleblower of Maasai Mara Heist
Spencer Sankale whistleblower of Maasai Mara Heist. [Photo: Courtesy]

Spencer Sankale, the whistleblower in the Maasai Mara University heist has been sacked by the varsity’s council.

The Maasai Mara University Council in a letter dated June 16 said that it found Sankale guilty of gross misconduct.

The council cited that Sankale had nine cases of gross misconduct all of which proved he is not fit to continue serving at the institution.

Among the issues raised by the council was sustained insolence against his employer, malicious misrepresentation of his employer, libel and defamation and falsely maligning the image and reputation of the university.

He was also found guilty of sustained disregard of university standard and procedures, sustained incitement of university staff and the general public against his employer, sustained insubordination and failure to act in the best interest of the university.

“Due to the aforementioned, the Council resolved to summarily terminate your employment with the university with immediate effect, in accordance with section 44 (4)(d)(g) of the Employment Act,” read the dismissal letter by University Chairman Dr Kennedy Ole Kerei.

Citizen TVs Waihiga Mwaura ran the Mara Heist exposé in 2018 showing how the then Vice-Chancellor Prof Mary Walingo led a cartel in siphoning funds from the institution.

Spencer together with Wilberforce Serem, the acting finance officer and two others were the whistleblowers.

In 2019, Spencer narrated that he was labelled the ‘black sheep’ of the institution since the incident even as those who were involved in the scandal remain in office.

Spencer recounted that Prof Waingo who used his driver to collect the money would pressure him to authorize the withdrawal of huge sums of money.

Deputy VC Administration, acting deputy VC student affairs Simon Kasaine Ole Seno, finance officer John Almadi Obere, Anaclet Biket Okumu and the VC’s driver Noor Hassan Abdi were among those charged after the heist.