Marion Bakhoya from New York crowned Miss Kenya USA 2018

The long-awaited Miss Kenya USA-2018 pageant took place on Saturday, July 7th at Carco Theatre in Renton, Washington.

Fifteen Kenyan ladies in the US rivaled each other, hoping to be crowned the queen of the Kenyan Diaspora living in the USA.

Having traveled from different states for the competition, the ladies slayed as they outwalked each other down the runway, with the crowd cheering their favorites.

The contestants were tested on various subjects including their ability to tackle problems facing women, cultural, community empowerment strengths among others.

The newly crowned queen, Marion Bakhoya from New York, was asked the three main issues on the country’s (Kenya) development that she would address, and which one she would tackle first. ”Thank you so much for that question, the top three social issues in Kenya that I would address are unemployment, inadequate education for young girls, and healthcare for young children”.

She went ahead to say she is most passionate about healthcare for young children. ”Our children have every right, not only to live a healthy life but to impact the next generation” said Ms. Bakhoya.

Marion also won the Cultural Ambassador, best interview and best evening gown awards.

The first runners-up, Ms. Amina Hassan from Nashville, Tennessee also won the best talent award. ”I am Honored to represent our Kings and Queens of our Nation. I definitely encourage any queen that wants to be heard and that is passionate about making a difference In their community to participate in the pageant next year. Hard work, determination and patience is the key to success.” She said.

There were several other awards that went to other ladies, with Mary Mwaura of Boston taking the Community Ambassador award.

The Miss Kenya USA Organization’s objective is to empower young Kenyan women in the United States; through engaging them in events and programs that will enhance their educational background as well as growth within the Diaspora through philanthropic work.

The event was sponsored by African Welfare Association, Afro Hair Braiding & Wear, Heritage Insurance, Autism Lights, Fahari Naturals, Designer Kahini Boutique and Miss Tanzania USA Pageant.

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Photo Credit: Courtesy
Marion Bakhoya: Miss Kenya USA.
Photo Credit: Courtesy
Marion Bakhoya, Miss Kenya USA . Photo: Courtesy