Masden Wanjala, a 20-year-old serial killer deriving pleasure from killing children

Masden Milimo Wanjala
Masden Milimo Wanjala. [Photo: DCI]

Wednesday’s arrest of Masden Milimo Wanjala opened the lid on the deep but sad web of increased child disappearance cases.

At 20 years, Wanjala has murdered 12 children and not before sucking their blood.

His arrest came hot on the heels of discovering two bodies of children who disappeared without a trace between June 30 and July 7, 2021.

The bodies of Charles Opindo Bala, 13, and Junior Mutuku Musyoki, 12, were found dumped near a thicket near Kabete Approved School.
Incidentally, the suspect spent time at the approved school as a remandee.

And this was just the tip of the iceberg. After leading the police to the thicket, Moments confessed to killing 10 other minors after sucking their blood.

He then dumped their bodies in thickets and sewer lines. On Wednesday, he led police to a thicket in Kabete where they retrieved the third body of a child dumped in a utility hole.

“Wanjala single handedly massacred his victims in the most callous manner, sometimes through sucking blood from their veins before executing them. The 20-year-old beast has for the past five years left families distraught and in anguish, clinging on the hope of finally reuniting with their children,” the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) said in a statement.

He first killed a 12-year-old girl Purity Maweu when he was 16. The young girl was kidnapped from Kiima Kimwe in Machakos.

Wanjala told detectives at the scene that he was given some concoction after killing his first victim and has not always felt the urge to kills since then.

“I killed the first child back in the village and then I was forced to take some concoction, that is what drives me to kill,” he explained, hit motive to murder.

He had asked for ransom from the girl’s family, but they did not send it. He made good at his threat by killing the innocent girl.

Besides Kabete, where he dumped three victims’ bodies, he led the detective to Pumwani Bridge, where he dumped his victims’ bodies and in Machakos town, where he also had a secret spot.

This afternoon, he led detectives to Gitaruru in Kabete where he had dumped the bodies of two boys recently kidnapped from Majengo,” DCI added.
“Detectives have further established that all the murder victims were stupefied using a white substance in powder and liquid form, which the victims were either forced to drink or sprayed with before being executed.

“The murderer who is unapologetic over his actions told detectives that he derived a lot of pleasure from killing his victims.”

His arrest comes in the wake of increased child disappearance cases in the country.

Zimmerman in Nairobi County has recorded several cases of missing children in the last two months.