Master’s graduate who begged for job in Nairobi streets now working at Facebook

Claudia Jematia
Claudia Jematia. [Photo: Courtesy]

Claudia Jematia is grateful for a risk she took three years ago when she went to the streets of Nairobi and displayed a banner seeking a job.

She is a Facebook employee now but it did not come easy; she suffered humiliation but remained undeterred.

When she moved to the streets with a banner seeking a job, it was the last straw after years of searching for a job unsuccessfully despite having a Master’s in IT, data, and cybersecurity.

When a photo of her patiently standing in one of the streets in Nairobi hit the internet, some trolled her while others lauded her courage.

She was one of the many qualified graduates in the country languishing in unemployment. Jematia also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in IT from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

Today, Claudia Jematia works at Facebook as a Global IT Engineer for Africa.

“Successful first day as a Global IT Security Engineer for Africa at Facebook. I’m very grateful to have finally found a new home here. I look forward to working with so many brilliant people to make Facebook better, especially in these times. Thank you to everyone involved in making this happen,” she posted on her first day at work in April 2021 after her first day at work.

Jematia describes herself as an astute IT professional who learns fast and is considerate.

“I have a considerate amount of knowledge in project management, information security, network security, cloud forensics, host-based forensics, information risk management, identity fraud detection, penetration testing, security audit, compliance, and E-security. I am a conscientious person who works hard, pays attention to detail, and with strong problem-solving skills. I am flexible, quick to pick up new skills, and eager to learn from others,” she says.

At Facebook, Jematia monitors and assesses open-source information using advanced techniques and proprietary systems to contribute to a 24/7 tactical, monitoring, and intelligence picture as directed by business stakeholders.