Media personality Jamila Mohamed quarantined in Canada with 16-year-old son

Jamila Mohamed
Jamila Mohamed. [Photo: courtesy]

Celebrated media personality Jamila Mohamed has spoken of the strict COVID-19 rules in Canada where she recently travelled to.

Jamila who travelled in the company of her 16-year-old son has been forced to live separately from him.

Speaking on her social media page Wednesday, she said that her son got a scholarship to a Canadian college in Victoria town.

She says they were booked in different hotel rooms and haven’t seen each other for the last six days which is painful for a mother.

However, she said that she is aware of the COVID-19 regulations in Canada which requires all in bound passengers to quarantine.

There is a mandatory 14-day quarantine in Canada.

“I understood the precautions and why this had to happen but still, it was painful to hug him knowing that I would not be able to do it again for 14 days. We said goodbye and went into our separate but adjacent rooms,” she recounted.

She has been talking on phone with him daily sometimes even 10 times.

“We talk on the phone 10 times or more every day. He is always calling to remind me to pick my meal outside the door. Or to discuss meals we are not familiar with,” she added.

They also chat while on the balcony but the cold temperatures have made it almost impossible.

On a daily basis, Jamila and her son, as well as all other people on quarantine must give a daily update to the Canadian authorities.

They are using a customized COVID-19 monitoring app which gives information on their progress.