Medical fundraiser announcement for Job Gichuru of Lowell, Massachusetts

Pictured: Job Gichuru

Job’s illness started with abdominal bleeding in early January, 2018.

After consulting with the Doctors, Job underwent a surgery towards the end of January to stop the bleeding, upon which several tests were performed.

He was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. At this point, he consulted with an Oncologist and it was decided that he would have to undergo chemotherapy which started 4 weeks after surgery.

He will continue with chemotherapy and radiation therapy for a period of 8 months. Due to the ongoing treatments, he was unable to continue working and therefore, he lost his job and health insurance coverage.

This has placed him and his family in dire financial constraints. Friends and family have organized a fundraiser to assist Job and Ann’s family.

The fundraiser will be held on 6/9/2018 at Neema PCEA church, starting at 4pm. We are appealing to friends and well wishers to help assist this family.

Job Gichuru 9784274005
Anne Kimani 9787619771
You can also send your contribution to Treza Kimani via CashApp at 9788358597

Thank you and may God bless you for your support!