Meet 24-year-old Joy Ngugi, a US-based Kenyan producer working in White House

Joy Ngugi
Joy Ngugi. [Photo: Courtesy]

Joy Ngugi, a 24-year-old US-based Kenyan who works in the White House is alive to the fact that dreams are valid.

Ngugi, as young as she is, enjoys the prestige of working at the White House. She was a part of US President Joe Biden’s campaign.

Today, she is one of the producers in the Office of Digital Strategy – White House.

Ngugi came to the limelight recently following her listing by Business Insider among the “future power players” in Biden’s administration.

According to her LinkedIn, she describes herself as a visual storyteller.

“I am a Kenyan born visual-storyteller who was raised in Southwest Michigan. Growing up as a third-culture-kid has greatly shaped the way I see and understand the power of each person’s individual story. I have always been incredibly drawn to social issues and that has translated in both my early work and current work,” her LinkedIn bio reads.

Ngugi’s passion has been film all through. When she moved to the US, she finally saw an opportunity to follow her dream in film.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, and majored in Documentary Filmmaking from Andrews University in Michigan.

Ngugi started off her film career at Hope Channel as an intern where she majored in camera work, photography and proposal writing for different shows.

In July 2019, she joined ABFF Ventures, LLC’s social media team for one month before moving to Biden’s campaign secretariat as a digital content intern.

Since then, she has worked for Biden as a producer and as a digital content creator.

“I have done film work in places such as the United States, Kenya, and Honduras. My passion for film excites me and pushes me to grow in ways I will always be grateful for,” she says.

Her short film ‘Bridge The Gap’ won an award in the ‘Art Experimental’ category in April 2019.