Meet Bishop helping Turkana venture into farming

Turkana farming
Turkana farming. [Photo: Courtesy]

For the last 30 years, Bishop David Thagana of Glory Assembly Outreach Mission has touched the lives of vulnerable Kenyans in a big way.

Thagana has been at the centre of human development in the arid county of Turkana through GOA.

Through the mission that has branches in other East African countries, Thangana has brought joy to the hearts of Turkana residents through peace missions and farming.

“We realized that it is not viable to always donate food and decided to start small farms in Turkana where we could teach locals how to be self-reliable,” he told a local daily in an exclusive interview.

He has also worked hard in bringing warring communities together to promote harmony and economic activities in Turkana.

“There cannot be any farming or schooling if there is no peace. We have to create a peaceful atmosphere first where locals can coexist, work together and school together without war,” he says.

The mission has established farms in different parts of Turkana. They grow vegetables, cereals and rear rabbits to complete cattle rearing that Turkana’s are known for.

This has boosted self-sustenance for the residents of this region that has for years been hard hit by drought.

Through charity, Bishop Thagana has set up eight children homes that take care of HIV positive and HIV negative children left behind by their parents.