Meet Chris Kirubi’s son who declined to work for father, opted to stay in Europe

Robert Kirubi
Robert Kirubi. [Photo: Courtesy]

Little is known of Robert Kirubi, a son to the later venture capitalist Dr Chris Kirubi.

In September 2020, Kirubi first spoke of his children Robert Kirubi and his daughter Maryanne Musangi.

He said that he had reached out to Robert to work for him but he chose to work in Europe.

Robert is based in Belgium. He is a corporate executive in Brussels, working for DHL.

Robert by then was the Head of Global Customer Programs at DHL Service Logistics.

Before his new post, he had previously served as a Vice President at DHL in charge of business development before being promoted to client support and later to Vice President in charge of DHL Service Logistics.

Kirubi during an interview with Churchill said that Maryanne has been helping him in managing his empire.

She is the managing director for Haco Industries.

“My daughter is here in Kenya is the MD of my factory, Haco Industries,” Kirubi said.

Speaking of Robert, he said that: My son is in Brussels, he works for DHL. I think they pay him so much money he refused to work for me but it’s good he has also accumulated a lot of experience.”

Robert is an alumni of Hillcrest School and the prestigious St Mary’s School. He then flew to the US and enrolled for a Bachelor of Science degree from North Eastern University in Boston.

He has since lived abroad after completing his studies.

Kirubi had a sizeable stake at DHL where Robert works. He had invested heavily in the media industry running under the Capital Group.

He had also invested in real estate, agriculture and the banking industry. Kirubi was the biggest shareholder of Centum investments and Sidian Bank.

Kirubi was known for his fine taste of expensive vehicles with his collection costing at least Ksh90 million.