Meet German national, 60, who sold everything, relocated to Kenya for love

Ciru Njuguna
Ciru Njuguna. [Photo: Courtesy]

They say love knows no bounds, and German national Greg knows this too well.

A decade ago, he met Mary Wanjiru Njuguna, and he was more than obsessed.

The 60-year-old could not imagine a life with his Wanjiru, who later on became his wife.

But, the interesting bit is that Greg sold off all of his property in Germany and moved to Nakuru, where he lives with his wife, now 32 years old.

“I sold everything I had in Germany and came to Kenya because I wanted a family with Mary,” he said.

They recently appeared on a couple’s show on NTV, where Wanjiru confessed that her husband is three years older than her father.
However, this does not bother her at all.

Greg said that he was not scared by the stories he had heard of Kenyan women fleecing foreign nationals in the name of love.

“It didn’t really matter to me what people would say,” he said. The couple has been blessed with twins who are turning eight years old soon.

In a post on her Instagram post, Wanjiru wrote:

“Life is very interesting.. It’s how you make it.. I choose positivity I choose optimism and I choose love, kindness and respect. How you are towards others reflects how you are towards yourself.. If you have peace you will give peace. If you have kindness that’s what you will give. You can’t give what you don’t have.
So darlings, if you are facing online bullying, take heart and remain strong. Personally I know that I have THE power to allow what will and will not affect me. I’m constantly and persistently in charge of my feelings no matter what.
That’s why negative comments and insults don’t stop me from loving who I love and sharing with the whole world… On the contrary , it motivates me. I’m hardcore like that.”