Meet John Muhiu, man feeding birds with meat in Pangani for 10 years

John Muhiu
John Muhiu. [Photo: Courtesy]

For the last 10 years, John Muhiu has fed ravens and other carnivorous birds in Pangani.

He has never tired collecting meats and bones from butcheries to feed the birds.

He says he has held on to this job for 10 years because it is a platform that provides him menial jobs.

He told K24 that “By the time I finish feeding the birds, something always comes up to start my day, after which I go to my evening hustle of selling khat.”

Muhiu entered into an agreement with the butchery’s owner to give him wasted cuts of the day.

The birds hover around the spot he stands every day ready for their next meal. And this gives Muhiu a lot of satisfaction.

“I derive so much joy in carrying that meat and giving it to them,” he maintained.

On ‘dry days’ when he doesn’t feed them, they fly low and snatch his cap with their claws. He is now wearing his sixth cap.

But it is not his fault. The butchery sometimes does not give him meat to feed the birds.

“They have carried away about five of my caps, this one I’m wearing is my sixth,” Muhiu noted.

A section of Kenyans lauded him for this noble act.