July 20, 2018

Meet M.A Kariuki, the dreamer who excelled through self-mastery in the USA

By Thuothuo Anthony -Jamhuri News

M.A. Kariuki is much of a proud Kenyan-born, relentless American dream chaser as they come.

Before relocating to the US, Kariuki was an engineering student at the Jomo Kenyatta University.

He enrolled in the engineering program after spending time working in his first professional job following high school graduation.

As a recent high school graduate, driven by the desire to be independent and have full control of his life, Kariuki worked as a salesperson for a major insurance company in Kenya.

After relocating to the US, Kariuki continued to shape his life independently, earning a bachelor’s degree in business finance from Liberty University in 2009, and a master’s degree in healthcare administration from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2015.

He also served in the US armed forces for 6 years.

Kariuki is currently a healthcare/hospital administration professional working for the Federal Government at a national head office in Washington DC. Other interests of his include entrepreneurship and public service.

During his free time, you might find him at the gym or preparing for the next Spartan Race.

Over the years, Kariuki admits to have made mistakes that brought him some setbacks.

Using his resilience, he has been able to move forward through self-mastery.

The writing of his book, Excellence Through Self-Mastery was to a great part driven by his wanting to share what has worked for him over the years with the hopes of inspiring others.

Kariuki believes that reading is one way to ensure continuous learning, and says his new book, Excellence Through Self-Mastery is a way of approaching life challenges, dreams and goals in a manner that allows you to maximize your potential by unleashing and directing the power that you have from within.

”The desire to win in life comes naturally to all of us. We set goals to succeed every single day that we are alive. We, however, fall short of our expected outcomes at times. External forces appear to constantly and persistently pull us back from moving forward in our endeavors—we succumb to these ‘formidable’  forces,” says Kariuki.

Kariuki speaks passionately of how one can win through self-mastery while the odds seem to be stacked against them, how to excel towards life goals, and how to survive life’s setbacks and move on to become stronger and better.

Kariuki’s advice to others is that there is no secret code to succeeding in life.  You only need to command, control and conquer (3Cs) yourself towards your dreams. External negative forces that hold us back are much easier to deal with once you have worked on the 3Cs.

His book is available on Amazon at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1548073571/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1500031014&sr=8-1&keywords=excellence+through+self+mastery



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