Meet the seven-year-old boy ‘driving himself to school’

Ayub Muigai driving a Prado TX
Ayub Muigai driving a Prado TX.[Photo: Courtesy]

The video of a young boy four years old driving a Toyota Prado TX on a public road in Delview, Thika has sparked a sharp debate among Kenyans.

Muigai Ayub stunned Kenyans whole one Raphael in Njoroge shared the video of the boy driving the luxurious vehicle.

According to Njoroge, the young boy reportedly ‘drives himself to school’.

“Meet the youngest Driver in the world……I couldn’t believe my eyes seeing this boy at Delview on your way to Kandara…Muigai Ayub is said to even drive himself to school … Am doing his feature this coming week driving in super Highway. Your take,” he captioned the video.

Moments later, it went viral and Kenyans gave their two cents on the issue.

While a good number agreed that it is important for a child to learn how to drive, it poses great danger to him, his parents and road users.

Lawyer Wahome Thuku in response to the video spelt out the dire consequences that would befall his parents in case of an accident.

“IT’S a “huge” traffic offence to drive a car on a public road without a DL. It’s even a bigger offence to allow someone drive your car on a public road without a DL.

“And the definition of Public Road in law is so wide, it includes even what you think should be private.

“Such a parent should be answering charges in court already. In fact, in the case of a PSV, even allowing unlicensed person to have the custody of the vehicle is an offence,” Thuku said.

He warned parents that motor vehicle insurance companies would make a killing in case of an accident in the event the car involved was with a minor without a driving license.

“Now the bigger issue is not even driving without a DL. It’s what happens when an accident occurs. And you don’t have to cause the accident yourself, it can be caused to you. Your insurance company would love that so much. You know why,” he said.

Kinjo Ndong said she once got sick and her child drove her to hospital.

“I once got seriously sick and it was my15yrs old son who took me to hospital,” she said. But Amos Ouko warned of the dire consequences.

“Underage as per the constitution, it’s serious offence to allow under age to operate moving machine, you’ll kill them before they reach their own future.”