Meru Senatorial aspirant now using sh40 million Limousine to pull crowds to his rallies

With less than three weeks to go before the country heads for general elections, a Senatorial candidate in Meru has stunned voters with his new campaign tactic.

Zablon Mathenge, the proprietor of Meru based radio station, Mwariama (the honest one), is now using sh40 million H3 Hummer Limousine to appeal to the hearts of voters.

Although the limo is branded to give an impression of a rental, it is a rare occurrence to see such a luxurious vehicle being used for the campaign.

On Saturday, he traversed parts of Meru County cruising with the luxurious vehicle which captured the eyes of many who came out in large numbers to catch a glimpse of the gigantic ride.

And in his address, the Mazingira Greens Party candidate talked his way to the voters’ hearts telling them that he has been able to create employment in the media industry.

“I have created employment and championed rights of the Ameru by opening up the media industry,” he campaigned.

He said he has not been campaigning using billboards. Instead, he has been using the money to help those who are needy.

For the curious onlookers, the rare sight of a Limousine in the County was nothing short of bemusing.

One the onlookers termed the high-end vehicle as a “moving house”.

“We have never seen such a vehicle in our entire lives. We have come to witness this ‘miracle’. It is like a moving house,” said one of them.