Miguna gets heroic welcome in Canada, recounts ordeal in police cells

Miguna Miguna at the airport in Toronto, Canada. [courtesy]

Self- proclaimed NRM General Miguna Miguna arrived in Toronto, Canada Thursday morning to a warm and heroic reception by fellow Kenyans living there.

He exchanged pleasantries with the crowd, some of whom he called by name before he was handed flowers by one of the people who had come to receive him.

At the airport, he told a reporter that he is tired and all he wants is to home, hug his wife and have a meal which he has not had in days.

“I am tired. I need to take a shower, hug my wife, my children, eat properly since I have not eaten anything for many days,” he told a reporter at the airport according to the Star.

On Wednesday while in Amsterdam, he recounted the horrifying ordeals he went through while in police custody for five days.

Miguna was deported on Tuesday night to Canada after his arrest on Friday last week by a contingent of police at his Runda home.

He was arraigned at Milimani High Court where he was released on ksh50, 000 bond for allegedly being part of the unofficial swearing-in of Raila Odinga on January 30 at Uhuru Park.

But even after his release by the court, police whisked him away and locked him up at Githunguri Police Station before he was moved to Lari Police Station on Wednesday.

He recounted how his five-day encounter with his captors was punctuated by inhumanity and mistreatment.

In an interview with BBC in Amsterdam yesterday, Miguna said he was at some point starved and made to stand for 24 hours.

“I was then kept in unlawful incommunicado detention for five days under the most horrendous, cruel and inhumane conditions imaginable,” he said.

“I have been treated so badly like a beast. I was not allowed to sleep, kept standing on a bare cement cold floor,” added the combative lawyer who once served as the Prime Minister’s adviser.

He said he never brushed his teeth or took a shower for the days he was in police custody.

But even as he recounted his ordeal with his captors, police who handled him had to put up with his foul language that at some point could turn abusive.

One of the officers who guarded him as he was being transported recounted how he was rudely asked by Miguna if he has never seen a plane while they were in the city.

“Is this your first time to see an aircraft,” Miguna arrogantly asked the officer according to the Star.

The cop said he had to calmly take in the insults from Miguna who was not scared at all by the sight of guns of no-nonsense faces surrounding him.