Miguna Miguna forced out of the country again to Dubai

Miguna Miguna on board Emirates flight to Dubai

Miguna Miguna has been whisked away from JKIA by GSU and plainclothes officers and forced into an Emirates flight to Dubai.

Addressing the press Monday night from JKIA, leader of minority James Orengo said Miguna Miguna was deported as an undocumented person.

Miguna Miguna landed in Nairobi Monday but was barred from entering the country after he refused to apply for a courtesy visa similar to a tourist Visa.

The NRM leader’s Kenyan passport was destroyed before he was deported to Canada in February.

The Interior Ministry spokesperson said that Miguna declined to present the passport he used to travel to Kenya as the law requires.

NASA leader Raila Odinga rushed to JKIA to try and facilitate a smooth entry of Miguna Miguna into the country but the efforts were fruitless.

”We had a long standoff. The only reason he had traveled back to Kenya was in compliance with the court order. KNCHR was mandated by the court to oversee his entry and the court had directed all authorities to ensure his smooth entry”. Said Orengo

Update: Miguna Miguna forced the plane to return and was able to disembark. The flight left without him.

Miguna Miguna was seen arguing with pilots. ”I’m not going, I’m not going to Dubai. I don’t have a passport”.  The self-proclaimed NRM general was heard yelling at the pilots and causing a scene inside the flight.

”The captains cannot fly. You can’t take me from my country by force. I’m not going… just kill me. I’m not going to Dubai” Miguna was heard yelling inside the plane.

The plane turned around from the runway and Miguna Miguna was able to disembark and at the time of this reporting, he was still at JKIA.

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