Miguna now blames Raila for his woes

Raila Odinga takes oath as the "People's President" at Uhuru Park flanked my lawyer Miguna Miguna []

Lawyer Miguna Miguna who was deported for a second time by the state has openly blamed Raila Odinga for failing to help him out.

Miguna who is still in Dubai in a statement on Saturday said Raila has done little to help him return to his motherland and that he has been dining with his oppressor.

“Raila Odinga cannot and should not be enjoying Easter abroad and dining with the tyrants when the person who swore him in as the people’s president is being “murdered” by those who stole his election and who have killed and maimed his supporters,” read part of the statement according to Daily Nation.

This is the first time he has hit out at Raila since his ordeal at JKIA on Monday.

But Raila, who is yet to publicly comment on Miguna’s drama went to JKIA where he tried to secure his release. He tried calling President Uhuru Kenyatta but his efforts did not pay off as Miguna was held for two more nights before being deported on Wednesday night.

Miguna further asked NRM supports to protest against the state’s disobedience of court orders and demand he be brought back home.

“Mobilise large groups of people to demonstrate, make noise and demand that my birthright, constitutional and legal rights be respected and upheld,” he said.

“I need to be liberated from Dubai, given a safe and secure passage and entry into my country of birth, Kenya without any further delay.”

He insisted he has never renounced his Kenyan citizenship. This is despite the fact that he applied for Canadian citizenship at a time when the Kenyan Constitution did not allow dual citizenship.

“A Kenyan born citizen cannot be denied entry into his country of birth. I have never renounced my citizenship. The courts have upheld and recognized my citizenship.”

Upon his arrival at JKIA, he refused to hand over his Canadian passport for stamping as is procedure recognized internationally. What followed was a 72-hour stand-off with the state ultimately leading to his deportation.