Miguna’s comeback was part of the handshake, Raila tells Kenyans in Diaspora

NASA leader Raila Odinga in London. [courtesy]

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has for the first time revealed that his handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta on March 9 would benefit lawyer Miguna Miguna.

Speaking to Kenyans in Diaspora in London on Saturday, Raila said part of his talks with Uhuru bordered on allowing Miguna back to the country.

He said according to the Standard, “I talked with President Kenyatta himself and told him that Miguna must be part of the handshake.”

However, when Miguna returned from Canada on March 26 and was detained, Raila was told by security officers that the self-styled NRM ‘general’ would only be allowed to enter the country if he produced his passport.

“Miguna only gave out his Identity Card and he was denied entry,” added Raila.

The NASA leader immigration papers will be sent to Ottawa on Canada where Miguna is expected to fill them and be issued with a Kenyan passport.

However, Raila termed the push and pull between Miguna and the state as “regrettable and sad”.

Earlier, Miguna had asked Raila why the handshake has not warranted his return to Kenya.

“If I committed treason for swearing you in, why haven’t you been arrested, detained and exiled like me? If your #handcheque with Uhuru seeks to “reconcile” Kenyans, why am I not in Kenya? Be honest with Kenyans,” said Miguna via a tweet.

He added in a separate tweet: “At Ahero and Kisumu towns, you told thousands of #NRMKe supporters that “Miguna will be back home on March 26, thanks to the handshake”. What are you now telling them? Why haven’t you condemned Uhuru for violating my rights?”

Miguna was set to return on May 16 but canceled the plans saying the Immigration department would frustrate his re-entry.