Miguna’s woes were partly self-inflicted, says KNCHR

Lawyer Miguna Miguna at his holding cell at JKIA's Terminal 2. [courtesy]

The woes that befell  self-proclaimed NRM ‘general’ and NASA activists Miguna Miguna since March 26  may have partially, been self-inflicted, Kenya National Commission on Human Rights said.

KNCHR yesterday in a statement said Miguna may have forced the hand of the state when he went rogue on immigration officials when asked to surrender his Canadian passport for stamping as is procedure recognized by international law.

KNCHR Chair Kagwiria Mbogori said the commission was deeply disappointed with the lawyer who treated the country to a 72-hour drama until his second deportation on Wednesday night.

“The commission was disappointed with Miguna because the court orders had allowed him to use the Canadian papers he had traveled with to gain entry in the country,” said Mbogori according to the Star.

She added: “He, however, adamantly refused to use the papers in a situation that boggled us,” Mbogori said.

“He rather became so boisterous at the immigration desk, pushed some of the immigration officers and forced his way to the luggage area which to us was a breach of the immigration rules.”

She noted that if Miguna had complied, the situation may have been different from what it was in the past three days.

“We tried to salvage the situation hopping that if he produced the papers, he would be granted entry on gratis basis until the hearing of the petition was concluded.”

Miguna’s Kenyan passport was confiscated by the State in February when he was first arrested over his role at the unofficial ‘swearing-in’ of Raila Odinga as the People’s President at Uhuru Park on January 30.

He was later deported to Canada on February 6. His lawyers led by Nelson Havi moved to court to challenge his deportation.

The High Court ruled that it was illegal to deport him and ordered that his passport be returned. However, it had been defaced.

In a separate ruling, the court ordered that in absence of his Kenyan passport, he should be allowed to use his Canadian passport.

Miguna is now required to apply for Kenyan Citizenship after he lost when he became a Canadian citizen in 1998 when the old Constitution did not allow for dual citizenship.

His legal team has resisted this move terming it a plot to intimidate him and deny his inherent birth right of being a Kenyan.