Milkah Muthoni who disappeared 17 years ago returns home with four kids

Milkah Muthoni
Milkah Muthoni. [Photo: Courtesy]

Wonders shall never cease and for one family in Murang’a County, they are alive to this as their daughter Milkah Muthoni who went missing 17 years ago finally returned home recently.

Muthoni left her parent’s home in 2004 after sitting for her KCSE. She went to Nairobi where she met a charming man who later married her and relocated to Narok.

Together, they sired two kids but things got messy in 2007 when post-election violence rocked Narok forcing them to flee back to Nairobi. Muthoni did not take long before calling it quits and left behind her two children with her husband.

She moved to Nyeri where she got married again and had two kids. She and her second husband built a house but misfortune would have its way again as her husband was imprisoned in Mombasa leaving Muthoni all alone.

It is at this time that a land dispute ensued and eventually saw her house burnt down to ashes rendering her homeless and hopeless.

With no job and no shelter, Muthoni became a casualty of menial jobs in the village and her children challenged her to a point that she decided to go back home more than a decade later.

A week ago, Muthoni went back to Kagaa village in Murang’a, a place she left 17 years ago and never looked back until now.

In an interview with Inooro TV, she said that her children pestered her to take them to their grandmother as they had heard other children in school say about traveling to their grandparents’ home over school holidays.

With developments that have been there for the last 17 years, she couldn’t remember her home well. She had to enquire at the shopping centre but she finally managed to trace it.

The first person she met was her younger sister who took off at lighting speed immediately she introduced herself.

Her mother Margaret Njeri gained composure amid sobs and welcomed her back home.

For the 17 years she was missing, her father and brother passed on. She visited their graves in disbelief.

Njeri said that she always felt her lost daughter would one day return home.

“I knew she was still alive,” she said telling families who have been searching for loved one not to lose hope because they will one day come back.

Njeri said that missing people could be battling life’s struggles and will come back home when time is right.