Millicent Omanga: I made my first million aged 19 while studying at UoN

Millicent Omanga
Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga. [Photo: Courtesy]

Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga has broken the ice on how she made her wealth after many associated it with her close friendship with Deputy President William Ruto.

On Monday, she laid it all bare while speaking to comedian MC Jessy on his show Jessy Junction.

The nominated Senator who is married to a doctor said that she made her first million bob while at the University of Nairobi and bought her first car.

She was then only 19 years but the zeal she had to live a good life pushed her into entrepreneurship at such an early age.

Omanga made a fortune selling apparels among then bedsheets. She would then register her firm, Milways Enterprises and made Eastleigh her “import harbor”.

“I started a business while at UoN. I would go to Eastleigh, buy some merchandise then sell to my fellow students at the facility. That is how I made my first million and bought a car,” she said.

Her breakthrough came when she got huge tender to supply bedsheets at a posh hotel in the city.

This deal earned her the Ksh1 million which made her break even in the business.

She got her capital from Helb loan which she would hoard, use it to purchase goods and sell them off at profit.

“I would not pay school fees at the beginning of the semester. I used the money to start a business, but by the end of the semester, I would have collected the money paid school fees before the exam time and also made a profit,” she said.

Today, she is deeply-rooted in this business and has also diversified to include another venture in interior design.

She imports all sorts of interior decors a house needs and sells off to her huge customer base in and out of the city.

For her, interior design is something she loves given that it is what she pursued at the University of Nairobi back then.

The sassy legislator cruises in state-of-the-art vehicles among them, the latest model of German made BMW.

In streel lingo, she is known as “Mama Miradi” which was a tagline she adopted in the 2017 campaigns. Omanga unsuccessfully vied for the Nairobi Woman Representative seat.