Miracles! He married me when I was HIV + now I am HIV negative

Alice from Dagoretti. [Photo: Courtesy]

Alice from Dagoretti is a living testimony that true loves exists.

Speaking recently to Betty Bayo, Alice confessed she is HIV + but still got a man who proposed to her in full knowledge of her status. 

Alice’s past life was not a bed of roses. It was a hard tackle for her.

At 17 while in Form Three, she got pregnant and dropped out of school. Life was tough and she decided to get married for the sake of her son.

She says she needed her son to have a father figure. At 18 years, she got married and got a second child, another boy.

Months later, she developed wounds on her thighs and she went to the hospital where she tested positive for HIV.

What’s baffling is that her husband was HIV negative as well as her two sons. Alice says she never went out with any man except her husband.

She says that she got a revelation that her HIV was a weapon formed by the devil to weaken her spirit because she had a vision.

Her moments of denial came and she stopped taking her ARV drugs.

 Blisters formed all over her body and by this time, she had walked out of her marriage because her husband was irresponsible and would not provide.

Alice met her husband when her body had blisters. She introduced him to church, bible studies and prayer.

“There is a guy who I met this guy saw my situation na akaona nikistruggle,” she recounts.

Sad enough, on the first day they met at a neighbour’s house in Karen Hardy where she had secured a job as a nanny; dogs licked her wound on her leg.

“I went to the neighbour’s there was something like a playgroup and I met him there. He was living at his cousin’s place…he first saw the wound on my leg because their dogs licked me,” she explains.

They later got into prayer and ministry until one day when he asked her out. Alice had already told her she is HIV positive.

When he proposed, she was taken aback and turned his marriage offer down because she only wanted to serve God and bring up her two kids.

Alice later got into prayer and she changed her heart. She accepted his marriage proposal the following day.

Together, they have a daughter and they are HIV negative. She did not take ARV drugs and also breastfed her which is a sign of faith from God.

Interestingly, 10 years later, she is HIV negative.

“God talked to me and told me this thing is not there anymore. This is the third year. God is so faithful after 10 years, she says adding “there is nothing big to God if you pray.”