Miss Morgan: I became broke and fell into alcoholism, depression after Tahidi

Miss Morgan
Angel Waruinge alias Miss Morgan of Tahidi High. [Photo: Nation]

Angel Waruinge famously known by her stage name in the popular drama show, Tahidi High has remained in plain sight for years now after exiting the show years ago.

When she resigned for a third time, it was final for her. She had unsuccessfully tried to resign twice before to look for a more challenging role other than the strict deputy principal of Tahidi High, a role she is revered for to date.

Her absence since then has raised more questions than answers fans asking of her whereabouts with some saying that she hang her acting boots.

The truth is that she is still in the game. She spoke to Kamuhunjia on his YouTube channel Wednesday and laid it all bare.

After her exit from Tahidi High, she slipped into a mental and identity crisis. Miss Morgan ended up finding solace in the bottle to calm down her depression.

Before she knew it, she was too deep into alcoholic, although all this was far from the eye.

She explained that the fame had earned during her days of Tahidi High would work against her as she tried to maintain a certain image that got her broke.

”I basically went through it. What happens when you start becoming famous, you start living this life, you start becoming broke but you still have to live to that expectation,” she said.

With no money, she started battling emptiness in her life which is how her depression kicked in like a vagabond and tormented her.

“When you start living an empty life. So, when you start living an empty life, what happens? You start getting stressed… I went through depression and depression can take you to alcohol. Some other people will just hide in Christian faith,” she went on.

She revealed that it was difficult for her to deal with her depression as she slid into alcoholism and developed a low self-esteem because she was unable to lose weight which was a big worry then.

What pinned her down even more were talk by people that she wasted herself due to mismanagement of her money.

“I embraced alcoholism at some point… When I was down there, I was trying to lose weight. When I lost myself, I started losing self-esteem.”

With trials and fails, she rose from depression like a phoenix and recollected her life. She managed to get several roles in different shows.

Today, she is a star actor at Maisha Magic’s Kina show which also features sassy singer Sanaipei Tande.