Moi-Raila handshake: Should Ruto be worried?

Former President Daniel Moi with Raila Odinga [courtesy]

Raila Odinga’s Thursday visit to former and retired president Daniel Moi at his Kabarnet home is likely to shape 2022 politics.

Political pundits say though Raila’s visit was African in that he was checking on Moi following reports of knee problems a month ago, 2022 politics still dominated his visit.

And at the centre of power politics is the Deputy President William Ruto and Baringo Senator –also Moi’s son-Gideon Moi who have both expressed their bid for State House in 2022.

Political analyst Prof Herman Manyora opined that Ruto should remain a worried man after Raila’s visit to Kabarnet.

“Things are beginning to take shape. People are whispering in town that these three families [Kenyatta’s, Moi’s and Odinga’s] seem to be getting together and they could be having something up their sleeve and that might begin, one, to worry William Ruto,” quips Manyora.

But political analyst Danstan Omari and an advocate said the DP has engineered the “handshakes” between the three families in effort to broker peace which is an integral part of his 2022 bid.

“For William Ruto to succeed as the head of state, stability is very key; development is very key, he will be the greatest beneficiary;” notes Omari adding “in my own view, William has achieved his greatest aspect.”

He adds the DP is unique in that he comes with his own voting block and has demonstrated capacity to fight his own battles which makes him the front runner in the race.

Professor Edward Kisiangani, a political analyst said the visit is a game of “political chameleons”. Kisiangani offers that with such political unfolding; only time will tell what course the DP should follow.

He also said President Uhuru Kenyatta is the one controlling the political plot that has been happening for the last few days.

The three analysts spoke during an interview with Citizen TV on Thursday.