January 19, 2020

Mombasa woman stuck in Saudi Arabia pleads for help (Audio)

A Kenyan woman allegedly detained in Saudi Arabia is seeking help to return to Kenya.

Ms. Elizabeth Sineno is said to be detained at the labor offices of Jouf Sakaka, in Saudi Arabia. According to Daily Nation, she sent an audio crying for help saying that her former boss had traded her to a stranger.

She reports having left Mombasa five years ago for the Middle East where she hoped to get a better paying job in Saudi Arabia.

According to Ms. Sineno, the son was driving the car and after several kilometers away, she was asked to alight after the woman claimed there was a puncture.

“The son who was on the wheel faked a puncture and asked everyone to disembark the vehicle. He then threw my bags outside before he and his mother drove away leaving me behind,” says Ms Sineno.

She was later saved by police officers who took her to a police station at Aljouf Sakaka, a city farther northwest.

She was then taken to the labour offices where she met other women who had been detained there.

“Since then we have been held hostage at the labour offices for the last one year without proper accommodation nor medication,” the distraught woman says.

“We have been trying to reach the Kenyan embassy for assistance to no avail and we request Kenyans of good will to help us get back home.”

According to the recording, the women are now fearing for their children whom they claim depend on them and are now struggling back at home.

Mr Noni Mbuggus, an old school media coordinator and a community worker in Watamu, told the Nation that Ms Sineno’s parents and her friends cannot afford to bring her back to Kenya.

“I know Ms Sineno’s parents cannot raise money for her air ticket back to Kenya and that’s why she has resorted to making appeal to well-wishers,” said Mr Mbuggus.

Mr. Mbarrak Randu, who is from Kilifi County but resides in Jeddah, said he was contacted by one of Ms. Sineno’s relatives who requested him to check on them.

Speaking to Nation on phone, Mr. Randu said he contacted a man called Abu Yusuf who works at the labor offices and later booked a two-hour flight from Jeddah to Sakaka in Jouf County, Saudi Arabia to visit the women.

He also confirmed that they have been there for the last one year.

“I went to check on the women yesterday and confirmed that they are in good health. What they only want is to get back home,” said Mr. Randu.