Mother of 8 from Othaya overcomes depression after well-wishers built her decent house

Sarah from Othaya. [Photo: Courtesy]

Ten months ago, a mother of eight from Kiruga Village in Othaya Nyeri County had lost all hope she had in life.

Sarah lived with her eight children in a dilapidated mud-walled house that had gaping cracks. All she had was an old mattress lying on the muddy floor and an old bed.

At the time, five of her children had been taken by taken in by well-wishers and she was left with the three children and a battle of depression.

Philanthropist Wanja Mwaura went public with her plight and appealed to well-wishers to help her put up a better house for Sarah and her family.

Kenyans in their indomitable spirit did not disappoint; they donated towards the course.

Today, Sarah has a smile spread from one corner of her mouth to another. She now lives in her new house.

“You all remember Sarah How we found her n her children? After we managed to build her a house n showed her that there’s someone who loves her n cares. Well here’s how she’s fairing on. She’s doing great, managed to overcome depression and can now work to take care of her children. Slowly by slowly she’s getting there,” Wanja recently gave Kenyans an update.

Nyeri Governor Mutahi Kahiga also ensured that Sarah’s home was connected to the national power grid.

“Thank you my friend Governor Mutahi Kahiga for keeping your promise. Today her house is connected to electricity and she’s super excited about it. Thank you Facebook family for being our sisters keeper. This is the reason why I never get tired of doing what I do. This one right here is a life that was changed. Am super proud of her,” she stated.